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Wooden Earrings-The New Jewelry Trend


Hello Guys! Here we are with the new topic Wooden earring. So let’s start without wasting any time.

We all know earrings are something which women usually buy every other day cause obviously, they have to match it up with the dress they are wearing.

Women also love wearing lightweight earrings on their usual day to day life because it becomes really easy to carry them. But the thing is if we talk about little long earrings and then their weight will be a little heavy. In most of the cases cause it but obvious. That the more material used the more will be the weight of the earrings. Sometimes ear starts paining because of the continuous weight of the earrings which eventually makes us very uncomfortable.

But as we say there is no problem which does not have a solution. So let us discuss the type of earring which is very light weighted and feels like we are wearing no earrings.

Wooden earring 

Wooden earring is a type of earrings that can be long and lightweight at the same time.  The light weighted wooden earring is easy to carry and more convenient.

Maybe most of you might not have bought it but trust me it’s something which can make your life easy. Yes, you must be thinking that it’s ok that these are lightweight but do they look nice as well? or not because no one can really wear something which is light in weight but does not look nice.

Well not only do they look nice but it’s way much better than most other types of earrings. You do not want to believe let the pictures talk itself and Let us go through some of the pictures of wood earrings and let you decide whether it looks nice or not!

wooden earrings
wooden earrings
Wooden earrings
Wooden Earrings
wooden earrings
Wooden earrings

Here you saw the pictures,

these are handcrafted wood earrings. Don’t you think these really look a far cooler than our usual daily wear earrings. Price also matters, right? Well, these are the cheapest type of earrings as well.

So what else do we want they are lightweight looks great and cheaper at the same time.

But the thing is these are not available in most of the stores online and offline since there is no very huge margin on it for sellers that is why they do not prefer selling it.

Well, we Steorra Jewels manufacture these wooden earring our self and these are specially handcrafted and really have a variety of options for you. These are really quality products, cheaper and very beautiful. 

These earrings look cool with almost all kind of dresses, Be it western or Indian wooden earring will certainly not be a bad choice. The nicest thing about these earrings which we haven’t discussed yet is the variety of design it comes with. So this is for sure that you will never get short of choices. 

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Tips To Buy Antique Gold Jhumki Earrings!

Jhumka Buying Guide From A Wholesale Jewelry Supplier

Women love their jewelry!

Whether it is a pendant, anklet, necklace, rings, or earrings, women like to cherish them for years with utmost care. The Indian ethnic look is incomplete without proper accessories. Jewelry and accessories make the look complete with adding poise and fineness to the attire. When it comes to talking about jewelry, jhumkas are one of the traditional ones. Whether it is an intricate one or exhibiting artistic delicacy, every woman loves buying and wearing various kinds of jhumki earrings matching with their dress. But it is hard to find the reliable wholesale jewelry supplier to buy quality jhumkas for pleasure.Wholesale Jewellery

So, are you obsessed with jhumkas? Are you hunting for a perfect pair of antique gold jhumki earrings? Consider these following facts to find out the right and perfect pair of gold jhumka earrings.

Tips To Buy Antique gold Jhumka Earrings

What Is The Function?

You may come across a myriad design of gold jhumki earrings at both online and offline stores. Think first, for what kind of function, get together or social event you are going to buy the jhumka pair. Think about what kind of outfit you are going to wear on that day. This will help you in buying a suitable pair of jhumkis.

Matching With The Outfit

While looking for a pair of gold jhumkas, you will find the different tone of them. You should buy the gold jhumki earring that would go hand in hand with the color tone of your outfit. If you are going to wear a silver lehenga, then it would be meaningless to buy a pair of antique gold jhumki earrings. So, first, try to understand the color tone of your dress, and then go for the gold earrings shades. Gold earrings are quite expensive, so try to buy a pair of jhumkas that would complement your skin tone and your outfit.

Is It Matching With The Rest Of The Jewelry?

An Indian ethnic traditional look does not get completed with only wearing earrings. There must be a necklace, bangles, rings, etc. So if you are planning to buy a gold earring to complement the other jewelry you are going to wear, then you should buy the one that fits perfectly with the rest of the jewelry. For instance, if you are looking for a gold jhumka to assemble with your kundan necklace and bangle set, then you have to buy a pair of gold kundan jhumka, and nothing except than that. On buying a pair of rose gold earring would be a waste of money in case of that.

What Is Your Budget?

Whenever you are scouting around to buy jewelry, always keep your budget line in mind. Sure, you don’t wish to buy a pair of gold earrings that will make a deep hole in your pockets. If you choose a reputable wholesale jewelry supplier, he will have something to offer suitable to your budget in the best possible way. Still, if you see that your budget is falling short, then you can go for jhumkas of a mix of precious metals, silvers, imitations, and even glass.

Consider these points before you go to buy a pair of gold jhumkas and make the right selection to enjoy the breathtaking look of yourself. You can check out Steorra Jewels, an online portal from the heart of Delhi,  Sadar Bazar  for antique gold jhumka earrings of various mesmerizing and dazzling designs.

Latest Jewelry Trends in India|Fashion & Artificial Jewelry|

India has one of the biggest markets for fashion jewelry. And because of that jewelry trends here changes so quickly. But we are here to help you in finding out the best latest jewelry trends.

When it comes to jewelry it becomes very difficult to choose the correct one. According to our style, because in India we want our trousseau to be versatile and classic. So that we can change our jewelry as per the occasion. So without wasting much time let us know the latest jewelry trends in all types of jewelry.


Necklace plays one of the most important roles in making us look more beautiful. So we all want one of the best necklaces in our trousseau. There are different types of necklaces available for different occasions let us find the best one for you. Below we have created a list of best trending necklaces.

     Choker Necklace

Choker necklace

A choker is one of the trending jewelry which makes us look more elegant. Choker fits around the neck and because of that some may find it a bit uncomfortable. But it comes with an option of increasing and decreasing the size according to our requirement. You can pair the choker with a long necklace and make it look even more beautiful. Pairing up choker with nice dress and accessories will surely make you look party-ready.

  Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace is go-to jewelry of almost every woman cause we can wear it on every occasion. Which makes it more special and close to our heart. No matter what dress you wear this necklace will surely glam your look. Its versatility makes it one of the popular jewelry. And it surely will remain in popularity charts for the long term.

  Traditional Kundan Necklace

Kundan Necklace

In this new era of jewelry, the old school traditional Kundan jewelry is still able to attract the ladies towards its beauty. Nice golden color of Kundan necklace adds a nice look and your dress and you start looking even more pretty. Matching dress with this necklace becomes important as it looks even more beautiful when correctly matched with the dress. You can wear this necklace at weddings and parties.

 2. Earrings

An Earrings is a type of jewelry that gets worn to our ear and we all have to agree that it is one of the important accessories in our jewelry trousseau. We always get confused in choosing which earring to buy as it has many varieties and it becomes important to choose the correct one for us. We have created a list of different types of Earrings for you so that it becomes easier for you to find the best earring for you.

    Antique Jhumki

Antique Jhumki

Although it named as Antique jhumki but it’s so trendy nowadays that girls and women are wearing it on every other occasion. The simplicity of these earrings makes them even more attractive. Indian dressing matched with these earrings the most. These are one of those jewelry accessories which have to be in your wardrobe. We can say that these are one of the evergreen earrings and it will always remain in trends.

      Glass Earrings

Glass Earrings

Glass earrings are not only in trend but it also provides a western look which makes it more popular among all the women. This is a type of earrings that enhance the personality and make look even cooler and ladies usually wear them in a western outfit. As we all know all the ladies want every type of earrings in there trousseau so these are also a must to have.

Kundan Earrings

Kundan Earrings

If you want to look ethnic, Kundan earrings are the ones for you. This has to be your go-to earrings for weddings and parties as it provides us a beautiful traditional Indian look which makes these earrings stand out from the league. Also, the beautiful design work in these earrings makes them more special!

  1. Anklets

Anklets are an evergreen type of jewelry which women are wearing from ages. It fits in perfectly in ankles and adds up a unique charm to our personality. There are various designs of anklets present in the market and trust me almost all type of anklets has the same amount of sale which shows how much anklets are in trend right now. Let us go through all trending anklets.

   Bridal anklets

Bridal Anklets

A lot of wedding happens in India in almost every season so bridal anklets have to be in trend in most of the time in a year. It becomes very important for a bride to choose correct anklets matching with there wedding dress. These gold pearl anklets will look very pretty when a bride comes out wearing it as it gives a feel of the ethnic Indian culture. Without wasting any time you can surely have them in your wardrobe.

        Silver Pearls Anklets

Silver Pearl anklets

We can say that silver pearls anklets are the dynamic anklets that we can wear on every occasion and it provides a spice of indo-western style. You can wear them in any dress be it a western or an  Indian dress. The Shiny silver looks make them more attractive and eye-catching. No doubts that this is in trends and will be there in the future as well.

 Gold Single Thread Anklets.

Gold single thread anklets

If you want elegant and attractive anklets these single thread gold anklets are for you as it adds up the nice simplicity to your personality. It’s important for us to find correct jewelry for us and as every one of us is different so the jewelry suits us will also be different. One more nice thing about these anklets is that they are very lightweight so you can wear it easily and it will not feel like something very heavy tied up to your ankle.

These are not all but as we all know that fashion jewelry is something very vast and there are thousands of designs of almost every jewelry but I have tried to put together one of the latest jewelry trends. Still, there is a lot of jewelry design left you can check it out yourself as we have got one of the special collections of artificial jewelry and the best thing about us is we provide fashion jewelry at the most affordable price.

Do visit us once and explore yourself www.steorrajewels.com.

  You are also welcomed to share your views in the comment box below.artificial jewelleryfashion jewelleryLatest Jewelry trends

Is It Tricky to Find A Nice Pair Of Glass Earrings Online?

Well The Answer is :-

It does not matter what you are wearing today, ethnic or western, a piece of jewelry is a thing that glams up the whole attire. People are wearing jewelry for almost 100,000 years. , it is hard to find the jewelry that would go hand in hand so with the attire. Besides the precious jewelry made of gems, gold, platinum, etc. it is the glass jewelry now running as the hot trend among women. From glass earrings, pendants, to charm bracelets, glass-made jewelry comes in mesmerizing design and style. The trickiest part is to find out a reputable manufacturer and supplier of wholesale trendy jewelry to buy nice and fancy earrings, pendant, or necklace. Here we are going to share a few useful and practical tips to find the best suitable glass-made jewelry for daily and party wear.Wholesale Jewellery

Tips To Buy Reliable And Trendy Glass-Made Jewelry

Check out the following points to learn how to purchase quality glass jewelry online.

Judge The Quality

It is really daunting to find quality glass jewelry online. It is essential to buy high-quality glass-made jewelry because they come with an assurance of durability. Quality jewelry will not get broken, or shatter. They will remain the same for years, surviving with the constant wear and tear.

Reputation and Prestige

When it comes to buying glass jewelry, it is advisable to go for a reputable brand. Quality comes from reputation and prestige. A jewelry supplier, running his business successfully for years. Comes with the assurance and guarantee of providing his customers with the best quality and trendy jewelry.

Jewelry That Mirrors Your Personality

A range of glass earrings, pendants, charms, anklets, necklaces, etc. of various designs and crafts are available in the market. Despite being trendy and excelling beautiful craftsmanship, may all kinds of glass jewelry not look good on you. You have to choose a design that will mirror your taste and personality. Only that piece of jewelry will enhance the look of your attire.

Stores With Lucrative Pricing

While looking for wholesale trendy jewelry online, another factor to consider is the pricing. It is crucial to buy glass-made jewelry at an affordable and reasonable price rate. Many stores are out there offering jewelry at a high price rate. So before you hit the buy button, do thorough research and find out whether there is any seller offering quality glass-made jewelry at attractive pricing or not.

Go for Color

It is not like that glass-made jewelry comes always in white color. With following the trend and customer’s demand, many reputable brands, manufacturers, and online sellers offer their collection of colorful, dazzling, and eye-catching glass-made earrings, pendants, etc. These colorful fashion trendy jewelry fit very well with contemporary clothing, even enhancing the overall look quite well.

t is clear that the efficiency and look of glass-made jewelry are beyond any comparison for daily and party wear. You can get quality glass-made jewelry suppliers at Steorra Jewels getting you the finest quality of imitation jewellery directly from  Sadar Bazar at the comfort of your home and gift yourself a nice pair of earrings or pendant.