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Steorra Jewels

New Shape Square Style Maangtikka For Women's and Girls

Color — Gold
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    Product Details

    Steorra Jewels Present these New Shape Square Style Maangtikka For Women's and Girls. It is a perfect match for your dress to zest up your style and double your happiness.

    Our jewelry is perfect for all occasions. A classic fusion of exquisite craftsmanship. Pair this fashionable handcrafted jewelry with any outfit to add a Rich and Elegant look to your attire at any time. It is produced under fine quality products, so wear this Masterpiece of Latest Fashion & Designing without worrying about anything.

    Jewelry Care Instructions:-

    • Always keep your jewelry away from water.
      Wearing your jewelry while bathing or swimming should be avoidable to sustain its luster and shine. 
    • Keep your Jewelry away from Chemicals.
      Don't spray chemicals, deodorants and perfumes on the jewelry. There is a plating coated on the jewelry. It becomes weak when in contact with these actions. 
    • Store in Air-Tight Containers.
      Always store your jewelry in dry, airtight containers to avoid getting the jewelry in contact with air for a longer time. This can create moisture to get into the box which can spoil your jewelry. 
    • Last & First Always.
      Jewelry should be the last to wear and first to remove while getting ready to avoid any damages to the jewelry.