Western wedding style golden kundan choker necklace with matching hanging earring

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  • Rs. 199.00
  • सामान्य कीमत Rs. 399.00
कर शामिल है. चेकआउट के दौरान शिपिंग की गणना की गई

Steorra Jewels Present this Western wedding style golden Kundan choker necklace with matching hanging earrings as a perfect match for your dress to zest up your style and double your happiness.

Steorra Jewels Traditional western wedding style golden Kundan choker necklace set with matching hanging earrings for girls and women. Women Love Jewellery; especially Traditional Jewellery Adore A Women. They Wear It On Different Occasion Wedding And Festive Time. Make Your Moment Memorable With This Range.

Jewellery Care Instructions:-

  • Always keep your jewellery away from water.
    Wearing your jewellery while bathing or swimming should be avoidable to sustain its lustre and shine. 
  • Keep your Jewellery away from Chemicals.
    Don't spray chemicals, deodorants and perfumes on the jewellery. There is a plating coated on the jewellery. It becomes weak when in contact with these actions. 
  • Store in Air-Tight Containers.
    Always store your jewellery in dry, airtight containers to avoid getting the jewellery in contact with air for a longer time. This can create moisture to get into the box which can spoil your jewellery. 
  • Last & First Always.
    Jewellery should be the last to wear and first to remove while getting ready to avoid any damages to the jewellery.