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Wooden Earrings-The New Jewelry Trend



Hello Guys! Here we are with the new topic Wooden earring. So let's start without wasting any time.


We all know earrings are something which women usually buy every other day cause obviously, they have to match it up with the dress they are wearing.


Women also love wearing lightweight earrings on their usual day to day life because it becomes really easy to carry them. But the thing is if we talk about little long earrings and then their weight will be a little heavy. In most of the cases cause it but obvious. That the more material used the more will be the weight of the earrings. Sometimes ear starts paining because of the continuous weight of the earrings which eventually makes us very uncomfortable.


But as we say there is no problem which does not have a solution. So let us discuss the type of earring which is very light weighted and feels like we are wearing no earrings.


Wooden earring


Wooden earring is a type of earrings that can be long and lightweight at the same time.  The light weighted wooden earring is easy to carry and more convenient.


Maybe most of you might not have bought it but trust me it’s something which can make your life easy. Yes, you must be thinking that it's ok that these are lightweight but do they look nice as well? or not because no one can really wear something which is light in weight but does not look nice.


Well not only do they look nice but it's way much better than most other types of earrings. You do not want to believe let the pictures talk itself and Let us go through some of the pictures of wood earrings and let you decide whether it looks nice or not!



Here you saw the pictures,


these are handcrafted wood earrings. Don’t you think these really look a far cooler than our usual daily wear earrings. Price also matters, right? Well, these are the cheapest type of earrings as well.


So what else do we want they are lightweight looks great and cheaper at the same time.


But the thing is these are not available in most of the stores online and offline since there is no very huge margin on it for sellers that is why they do not prefer selling it.


Well, we Steorra Jewels manufacture these wooden earring our self and these are specially handcrafted and really have a variety of options for you. These are really quality products, cheaper and very beautiful. 


These earrings look cool with almost all kind of dresses, Be it western or Indian wooden earring will certainly not be a bad choice. The nicest thing about these earrings which we haven’t discussed yet is the variety of design it comes with. So this is for sure that you will never get short of choices. 


Let’s have a look at earrings ones at https://steorrajewels.com 


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